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Three great agility products combined into one amazing obstacle - for one affordable price!

The VersaWeaves™ are a versatile, full-fledged competition weave pole set that easily converts into two different training sets, a "channel set" or a "2x2 set", without sacrificing the high standards needed for competition. It is intelligently designed to be used by seasoned competitors or beginning agility enthusiasts. This unique creation of Affordable Agility is only available through our website!

We thought of everything when designing this great obstacle!

  • Solid aluminum bases are stronger and more rigid than even steel weaves.
  • Available as a 6-pole or 12-pole set
  • Meets needs of serious competitors and beginner enthusiasts
  • Durable, safe, portable, easy to use
  • Can be used indoors or outside
  • Reasonable shipping
  • Click here for product specifications and details.
The VersaWeaves™ are the ultimate three-in-one agility obstacle!

Here's how they work:

Option 1:
VersaWeaves™ as Competition Weaves

Ideal for fast dogs and serious competitors. As required by competitions and organizations, the VersaWeaves™ are sturdy and solid. They meet and exceed AKC, USDAA, CPE, NADAC, and TDAA standards. If your dog is already a weaver, then you know that at times it is necessary to retrain an obstacle to keep your dog performing well. You can easily convert the VersaWeaves™ from competition weaves back to Channel or 2x2 weaves. With the VersaWeaves™ you never have to purchase training and competition weave pole sets separately.
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Competition Weaves
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Option 2:
VersaWeaves™ as Channel Weaves

The Channel Weaves is the most effective method of training the weave poles. Your dog follows a path through a 'channel' of separated and staggered weave poles. The channel width is slowly decreased throughout training so that your dog is slowly forced into a weaving path. The poles on the VersaWeaves™ easily adjust in or out with pre-set increments. You can expect the same quality performance of the channels weaves as with the competition weaves.
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Channel Weaves
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Option 3:
VersaWeaves™ as 2X2 Training Weaves

Yet another popular training method in which the VersaWeaves™ come in handy. Simply arrange the bases in parallel offset fashion, slowly decreasing the angle of offset until the channel disappears and the dog is weaving. With the VersaWeaves™, you may choose a training method that works best for you and your dog.
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2X2 Training Weaves
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Here's What You Get:

6-pole VersaWeaves™

  • 6 poles
  • 6 ground stakes
  • 3 aluminum bases
  • 3 connectors
  • Decorative tape
  • Visual instructions
  • 12-pole VersaWeaves™

  • 12 poles
  • 12 ground stakes
  • 6 aluminum bases
  • 6 connectors
  • Decorative tape
  • Visual instructions
  • Optional: Tapeless poles in alternating blue & yellow.

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    So versatile, so affordable, that we think you'll agree: The VersaWeaves™ really are the only weave pole set you'll ever need!

    TO ORDER...Type Quantity & Click Add to Cart:

    24" VersaWeaves™ (AKC, USDAA, and CPE)
    (24" pole spacing with 40" pole height)

    VersaWeaves™ 6-pole Set 24" .... $299
    Upgrade: Alternating Blue & Yellow Tapeless Poles (6 count) .... $10

    VersaWeaves™ 12-pole Set 24" .... $509

    Upgrade: Alternating Blue & Yellow Tapeless Poles (12 count) .... $20

    21" VersaWeaves™ (TDAA - ONLY FOR SMALL DOGS)
    (21" pole spacing with 30" pole height)

    VersaWeaves™ 6-pole Set 21" .... $279
    Upgrade: Alternating Blue & Yellow Tapeless Poles (6 count) .... $7

    VersaWeaves™ 12-pole Set 21" .... $479

    Upgrade: Alternating Blue & Yellow Tapeless Poles (12 count) .... $14

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