Is this DogWalk right for my dog?

Though it is capable of supporting much more weight, our suggested maximum weight for dogs using this dogwalk in a agility run is 80lbs.

Some dogs run faster and harder, whereas some are slower and more gentle in their runs. Having a larger and fast running dog will not damage the structure of the dog walk, but may cause the dog walk to shift during a run (particularly if dog walk is set up on a indoor matting surface). The higher the weight towards the 80lb limit, and the faster a dogs runs, the more that we suggest that you utilize sandbags to keep legs of adjustable bases and support feet securely in place. You can buy sandbags from us here. If needed, we would suggest having 10. You can always buy these later if you should find that you need them.

The planks are 11" wide, as is in the required range specified by the TDAA competition standard. Whereas a plank in other agility venues is 11-1/2" wide. We have found the difference to be negligible, and makes little difference to dogs of most sizes.

This dog-walk meets full requirements for TDAA (teacup dog agility association) competition. Though it does not meet requirements for AKC, USDAA, etc competitions. It does not adjust up to 48" high, and board width is slightly less than what they require for competition use. Though this does make for an excellent dog walk to practice on, for any venue.

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