What if my dog doesn't like water?
Water obstacles (like all agility obstacles) need to be trained. But once your dog realizes how fun it is, not only will they be more confident with water, they will also be better able to handle doing agility in the rain!
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How do I train my dog on water obstacles?
We suggest training the obstacle without water first. Then, with positive reinforcement and treats, add the water. It is important to start the water pressure of low. You can do this at the hose spicket, or you can also wrap vinyl tape (included) around the holes to block some of them if desired.
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How do these work exactly?
There is a special hose connector attached to the feet of each obstacle. Simply connect your garden hose to this connector, and turn the water on slowly. There are dozens of tiny holes in the frame that sprays out the water. There is also a safety "breakaway" feature. If the jump tips over, the hose will snap off with the special fitting attached. Simply pop back in if this happens.
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Can I attach more than one of these together?
Yes. With standard city water pressure you can probably run three to four obstacles. The instruction sheet provided with each obstacle will explain how to set this up.
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The dog in the video is large. Can my smaller dog do these?
If your dog can jump 8" or higher, all the Water Obstacles are good. If your dog is very small, we suggest either the Doggie Drencher, or the Puddle Jumper.
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What are the specifications of the Hydro Hoop?
The Hydro Hoop is similar in concept to the traditional tire jump. It has a 24" diameter hoop opening, and is on a free-standing frame. It is made of 1" OD Plastic pipe. There are dozens of tiny holes along the hoop that spray into the center of the opening, creating an interesting water pattern.
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How is the Hydro Hoop made adjustable? The Hydro Hoop is adjustable to 3 heights (8", 16", and 24"). You would do this by popping out the 3 height inserts and replacing them out to get the desired height. Back to Top »

Can my small dog do the Hydro Hoop? The lowest height the Hydro Hoop can go is 8". If your dog can't jump 8", we suggest the Puddle Jumper or the Doggie Drencher instead. Back to Top »


What are the specifications of the Puddle Jumper?
The Puddle Jumper is very similar to our Economy Adjustable Jump. It features a fixed bar on the bottom, that makes the jump very stable. The water sprays out of this bottom bar. The top bar is displaceable if the dog knocks it, and rests on a pair of jump cups that slide up and down on the sides. It is adjustable anywhere from 2" to 24" height. The width of the jump is 38" wide. It is made of 1" OD Plastic pipe.
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What are the specifications of the Doggie Drencher?
This obstacle measures 22" X 35" X 38"H.
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Is the Doggie Drencher good for any size dog?
Yes, it has a large enough entrance size for any size dog to go through.
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Does the video show one Aqua Hurdle, or three?
Three separate hurdles. Each one is sold separately. We put three together for a 'spread' effect.
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Which size(s) should I get?
First determine the maximum size your dog can jump, using the handy chart below. If desired, you can buy multiple amounts of that size, or get the smaller sizes (if applicable) to create an ascending 'spread'.


Use these guidelines for your dog's maximum jumping height. Measure your dog from the ground to the "withers" (or shoulders).

10" and under... Jump height 8"
10" - 22"... Jump height 16"
22" and over... Jump height 24"

What are the specifications of the Aqua Hurdles?
The Aqua Hurdles are 37" wide, and come in three height choices: 8", 16", and 24". They are made of 1" OD Plastic pipe. The jump bar features dozens of tiny holes that spray into the center.
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