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Water Obstacles

Looking for fun, interesting agility obstacles with a twist? Think you've seen and done them all? Wait until you try water obstacles!

Why water obstacles? Because they're so much fun! Fun for your dog, fun for you, and fun for anyone watching you perform. And for serious agility competitors, water obstacles offer a unique and rewarding challenge to both the dog and the trainer. So if your dog performs well with water obstacles, imagine how great they'll perform on ordinary obstacles!

These exclusive creations from Affordable Agility are so easy to use. Connect to an ordinary garden hose with a shut-off valve and adjust the water pressure to achieve the desired effect. Comes with colored vinyl tape for decorating purposes. Easy assembly and training instructions included.

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    Hydro Hoop... $79
    Adjustable to three fixed heights (8", 16", or 24"). Water spray shoots towards the center of the ring to create an interesting pattern of water.

    Puddle Jumper... $47
    Like an ordinary jump, the top bar displaces (falls off) if the dog hits it. The top bar is fully adjustable from 2" to 24" by simply sliding the jump cups up or down. It shoots a vertical spray of water from the bottom base bar. You can adjust the water pressure to raise or lower the "wall of water".

    Doggie Drencher... $39
    Perfect for the "dog days" of summer! Water will spray out dozens of holes inside the frame, forming a virtual "wall" of water your dog has to run through.

    Aqua Hurdle (24")... $33
    Aqua Hurdle (16")... $31
    Aqua Hurdle (8")... $29
    Aqua Hurdles will make your dog soar to new heights! They are available in three sizes (24", 16", and 8"). Buy more than one and line them up for the ultimate water jump challenge!

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