VersaWeaves™ Specifications

  • Meets and exceeds competition standards.

  • Poles are 40" tall (30" for TDAA VersaWeaves) and 1" outer diameter. UV stabilized pvc won't deteriorate in sunlight. Comes with vinyl tape for decorating and better visibility for dogs.

  • Optional tapeless alternating blue and yellow weave poles are available. Meets newest AKC obstacle specification standards.

  • Poles are spaced 24" apart for USDAA, CPE, NADAC, and AKC and 21" apart for TDAA.

  • Bases are 1/4" thick rigid aluminum.

  • Bases have a safe, low-profile design that is close to the ground to minimize dog tripping.

  • Bases feature a support foot at every pole, alternating sides opposite path of dog, for greater stability.

  • Entire set is extremely portable. Bases of the 6-pole set breaks down into three sections, while the a 12-pole set breaks down into six sections.

  • When used as a channel weave, the VersaWeaves™ allow for 37 different incremental width settings up to 18-1/2" wide. Poles easily adjust and lock securely into place so they are firm enough to stay put, but flexible enough to accommodate your dog's run.

  • Ground stakes are 5-3/4" tall. Low profile head is safe for your dog's feet. Spiral shank has better gripping power in different soil conditions. Six stakes are included with the 6-pole set, twelve are included with the 12-pole set (enough for each leg of the bases).

  • Base connectors are low profile and easy to use. We even include an extra connector if you choose to expand later.

  • Solid aluminum posts unscrew from base making for easier transport and storage.

  • Vinyl decorating tape is included that gives better pole visibility for your dog.

  • Can be used indoors OR outside.

  • Complete assembly and training instructions are included. Easy to read and understand with simple instructions and illustrations.
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