What is the "Channel" weave pole method?

The "Channel Weave" method of training is by far the most effective weave pole training method.

The purpose of the channel method of training is to reinforce the act of weaving to your dog, so he understands what is required of him. That way, he is much less apt to ever miss a pole.

With the channel weaves, your dog follows a path through a 'channel' of separated and staggered weave poles. The channel width is slowly decreased throughout training so that your dog is slowly forced into a weaving path.

Early in training, the channel width is kept wide, and your dog's path is not weaving yet. During this time your dog is becoming familiar with the layout of the poles.

After your dog has consistently mastered a wide channel, try bringing the poles closer together. Your dogs path will start weaving slightly.

After you think your dog is reliably (and eagerly) weaving "slightly", keep inching the poles closer together. Eventually the poles will be inline and your dog will be weaving.

Weave Pole training basics:

  • Your dog must always enter on the *right* side of the first pole.
  • If your dog ever "pops" out of a pole (skips one) then you should take some steps backwards, and spread the poles back out a little.
  • Its best to keep the whole process extended over the course of a few weeks.
  • Practice for short periods of time each day, as to not overwhelm or tire your dog.
  • Give rewards and positive reinforcement.
  • Keep training 'light' and fun!
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