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  Weave Poles Information Page...

Here you will find commonly asked questions and shipping information for the various weave poles we sell.  Drop us a line if you have any ideas, we'd love to hear from you!

Q. "How many poles should I start off with?"

A.  Weave Poles are usually and minimally sold in sets of 6 (6 or 12).  You will want to start training with 6, and when your dog has mastered this many, you can then make it 12.  In the beginning level of agility competing, 6 poles are used.  In the middle and advancing level, 12 is used.

Q. "Is the distance between poles always the same, regardless of dog size?"

A.  Yes, the pole distance is always the same, regardless of what size dog uses them. Allowable distance between poles, on various weave sets, can range from 19" to 24". It is best to spread them out to about 24".

Q. "What thickness are your poles?"

A.  1" outer diameter, 3/4" inner diameter.  (Our wire guides clip on all our weave pole sets).

Q. "How do the PVC weave sets compare to Competition Weave Poles?"

A.  Competition weaves have bases that are made most often of flat steel or aluminum. This adds more weight to the set. The poles are fixed (with only a little bit of flex)  

Q.  "Which Weave Pole Set should I get?"

  • Stick-in-the-Ground Weaves
    The least expensive and simplest set.  They push into the ground.  Not recommended, however, if you have poor ground such as sand, or very rocky soil.

  • Practice PVC Weaves with Fixed Base
    This is our most popular style, and we recommend this set if you are just starting off, and your budget won't allow for a competition set. It is for practice only.  The poles are fixed (glued straight up and down) which is better for large and fast dogs (though our Competition Weaves, listed below, are best of all for this).   The optional wire training guides are great used on this set.

  • Practice PVC Weaves with Slanted-Poles
    This is like the set above, but, the poles can be slanted for training beginner dogs ... similar to a "weave-a-matic" style. If you have a big or rambunctious dog, however, the above set is better (or the Competition Weaves).

  • Practice PVC Weaves - Channel Method
    This is a training-only set that is growing in popularity, but the set is more complex, and just a bit more money than the above sets.

  • AKC 24" Competition Weave Poles
    Competition quality for AKC, USDAA, and CPE trials! Flat aluminum base with rigid fixed poles for serious practice work and competitions. Recommended for the fast and furious. Can also be used for training beginner dogs using the 2x2 training method.

  • USDAA 21" Competition Weave Poles with Steel Base
    Flat steel base with rigid fixed poles for serious practice work (and competitions). Recommended for the fast and furious. Can also be used for training beginner dogs, especially when paired with our clip-on wire guides (below).

  • VersaWeaves™
    A versatile, full-fledged competition weave pole set that easily converts into two different training sets, a "channel set" or a "2x2 set." This is the ultimate 3-in-1 weave pole set.

    Optional Accessory:

  • Weave Wire Guides
    These clip-on wires attach to ANY of our weave poles.  This is a specific training method used by many trainers, and one that we particularly like around here because they are so easy to use.

Q. "If I get a Practice Weave Set, will my dog have a problem with the round pipe on the  ground?"

A.  While it's true that Competition Weaves have flat bases, it is still something that a dog can feel with their feet.  A Competition set CAN have up to a 3/4" thick base (allowable by AKC).  On the PVC Sets, the poles are only 1" round.  So in our opinion, while the Competition Set is best of course for anyone serious in this sport, the base on the Practice Set will not slow your dog down.

More questions?  Please feel free to email us!

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