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Pause Table Information Page...

Here you will find commonly asked questions and shipping information for the Pause TableDrop us a line or call (1-800-254-9441) if you have any other questions or comments ~ we'd love to hear from you!  

"Do the PVC legs stick inside the fittings, making it difficult to remove the legs?"

They are snug, but the tolerance is such that they are easily removed.  We use a glossy furniture grade pipe that makes this possible.  

"Does the wood top remove easily from the frame?

Yes, it just lifts off.  The pvc frame is a cube shape, and is built custom to fit perfectly into the wood top.  It is very stable and secure.

What is the 'Limited Warranty'?

By purchasing the this item, you are agreeing to the terms of the warranty. We urge you to read and understand it completely. If you have any questions about it, please do contact us prior to purchasing. Read about it here.

"What else should I know about the Tables?"

The uniqueness of your Table:
You can expect slight imperfections and defects to the wood top of your table. Each one is handcrafted and each will have individual characteristics. As plywood is made up of multiple layers, you can expect that there may be voids and small splits that either will already be in the grain, or will develop over time. These are to be expected and they will not deter from the functionality of the obstacle. They will not go all the way through the wood.

Wood naturally shrinks and expands with the weather, so it is best if you periodically paint the wood to prolong its life. Use an exterior paint, preferably oil-based. Use a yellow color, and a flat or a semi-gloss.  You'll not want to put too many coats of paint on the top without refreshing the "traction" of the table (to prevent slipping) so at these times you'll want to mix the paint with a fine and clean-grade play sand.  Voids (on the edges) and cracks in the wood are also a natural occurrence and cannot be avoided. But if you will be keeping your Table outside, you can fill these voids in the wood with wood putty and then paint over them. This will prolong its life.



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