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Learning Center!

Introduction to Agility

Can my dog do agility?
Baby steps in training
Basic Do's and Don'ts

Overview of the obstacles
Training Tips for each obstacle
What to Call Each Obstacle

Help with dogs that are slow, scared, stubborn and crazy!

Joining a class
Entering a competition

General Rules

The organizations
Groups, discussion boards etc.

What to Call each Obstacle

Quick Tip: When you introduce your dog for the very first time to an obstacle, it is not necessary, or even recommended, to call it anything right at first.  If your dog is shy of going in the tunnel, for example, you don't want him to associate the word "tunnel" with something he is afraid of.  But AS SOON as your dog successfully goes through the tunnel, you can greet him on the other end with treats and ecstatic praise "good tunnel!".  From then on, it is important to use consistent words for each obstacle.  We suggest you print this list and highlight your choice of call words.  Pick ones that sort of come natural to you and your thinking, but are easy to say and won't get confused by your dog with another obstacle or command he is used to.

Here are the most common suggestions:

  • Bar Jump:  Jump, Over, Up, Hup, get up
  • Tire Jump:  Tire, Hoop, Ring, Through
  • Other Jumps:   Usually same as for the regular jumps
  • Weave Poles:  Weave, Poles, snake, wiggle, zip-zag, in-out
  • Tunnel:  Tunnel, Through, Zoom
  • Closed Tunnel:  Chute, Tunnel, Zoom, push, through, gogogo
  • Pause Table:  Table, Up, box, get on, load-up, place, rest
  • Teeter Totter:  Teeter, See-saw, Tip-it
  • Dog Walk: Walk it, Plank, Dogwalk, walk on, climb
  • A-frame:  Scramble, Climb, Mountain, charge, Frame, Wall, chute..
  • Contact Zones:   Wait, Easy, Get it, bottom, spot, touch



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